Script added: AutoSave Me!

New script now available to try out!

AutoSave Me is an easy to use and clean auto save script for Maya written in Python. Actually I wrote it many years ago (at least five) before Python was integrated in to Maya. It features a simple options dialog where you can toggle the script on/off, elapsed time, increments, and increment limits.

I know some people will think to themselves; doesn’t Maya already have an auto save feature? It does now but many people, myself included, choose not to use it because it is awkward. Maya’s auto saves are stored in a single directory (usually your project dir) and has it’s own settings to limit the number of increments. On top of that, the auto save for every file you work on are stored in the same folder which can get Huge.

So if you want to try an auto save solution but do not like the one Maya has built in give AutoSave Me a try.

Check it out here or hit the download link below.


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