AutoSave Me


AutoSave Me (12.8 KB) Download


AutoSave Me is a scripted solution that saves your Maya scene after a specified amount of time has elapsed. Built before Maya integrated their own auto save feature but still relevant. Time tested on a large development team over multiple years.

  • Elapsed time is checked after selection changes via scriptJob.
  • Incremental saves are stored in the same directory as your Maya scene.
  • Utilizes Maya’s built-in incremental save and limits which you can enable/disable within Maya or ASM Options.
  • Settings are saved between sessions via OptionVars.


Copy to your Maya scripts directory, usually – documents\maya\version\scripts\

Add the following lines of code into your file: (included in download)

import autoSaveMe as asm

To access the Options window run: (auto opens on first run)


Options Interface: