Mortal Kombat

Fatality Lives

April – 2011

Key tasks:

  • Setup and deployed Maya script library for the environment art team.
  • Created animated kismet sequences for all backgrounds.
  • Created Coliseum crowd flip book
  • Tagged and managed foreground wall hiders and environment render tiers.
  • Setup pathing nodes, streaming volumes, and kismet sequences for the Krypt.
  • Performance optimization logging using Pix.


The Krypt:
Every MK game requires a Krypt and this one was no exception. The Krypt in MK9 had four zones (Deadlands, Bloodmarsh, Hollow of Infestation, and Meadow of Despair) and at total of 299 rewards! Each zone had a different theme and unique look. To manage their size we utilized streaming volumes. Key points were setup for every reward pick up which held the data for camera lock on, mesh swaps, cinema triggers, etc.

Check out a walkthrough of each zone in the Krypt (not my youtube channel).