Gods Among Us

April – 2013

While working on Injustice we had a saying on the environment team – go big or go home!
Injustice brought everything we did in Mortal Kombat to the next level with better visuals, multiple fightlines/transitions, massive environment destruction, and the all new environment interaction game play mechanic.

Key tasks:

  • Worked with designers and animators to develop environment interactable pipeline.
  • Managed and setup background destruction kismet sequences for ALL backgrounds.
  • Utilized 3DSMax RayFire and custom scripts for mesh fragmentation/simulation.
  • Created a script solution for mesh damage swaps based on material ID.
  • Setup level streaming volumes to manage multiple fightlines and transitions.

  • Managing the state of Interactables and background destruction between streaming levels.
  • Documenting all destruction events and interactable kismet sequences.
  • Optimizing performance and maintaining frame rate at 60fps.


The interactable system was a new game play mechanic in which players were able to pickup objects in the background and use them during battle. Besides rigging/weighting every interactable in the game I also created animation reference files, setup assets in the engine, managed asset tags, and documented kismet sequences for every background/fightline.

Check out all the interactables in the game (not my youtube channel).